About Us


We are part the San Diego chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. NORML

Through our non-profit organization, we are working to legalize and responsibly regulate the medicinal and adult use of cannabis. We fully support any and all patients who have found cannabis to be their preferred method of medication.

Our aim is to drive legislation to allow the legal cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, and sale of cannabis through a system of clear and reasonable regulations.

As each election year brings new opportunities, we have a unique opportunity to be heard and spread awareness of the many cannabis issues affecting patients, recreational users, and businesses…as well having the opportunity to point out the flaws of prohibition and over-regulation.

Now is the time to make full legalization a reality in California, and we need your help to do just that!

Meet the Team

S. Edward Wicker

Executive Director

Mr. Wicker provides legal representation for entrepreneurs in cannabis businesses relying on his extensive criminal law experience to guide your cannabis business away from criminal law problems. Wicker Law Group is part of a network of attorneys, CPAs and other business professionals who have the skills and experience to assist you with your case.

Casey McCracken

Corporate Secretary
Casey McCracken is a cannabis attorney and has been an advocate for safe and reasonable cannabis regulation for over a decade. Casey provides legal services to legal cannabis businesses striving to further the goal of safe and responsible access for all. Casey has witnessed, firsthand, the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis in the treatment of a family member battling Parkinson’s Disorder.
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