Local San Diego Initiatives


Read more about local San Diego initiatives and how it affects you and our community.

Although prop 64 legalized adult use of cannabis throughout the state, it also gave local governments the authority to ban cannabis businesses as they see fit, which roughly 2/3 of local governments have chosen to do. Of the 19 local governments in San Diego County, 12 of them have a ban. 

The 7 local governments that do allow cannabis businesses only did so through local activism and advocacy. Lemon Grove, La Mesa, and Vista each were forced to allow cannabis businesses by way of a citizen’s initiative and then an election. Oceanside, Chula Vista, and Imperial Beach each allowed cannabis businesses after activist groups started gathering signatures for a citizen’s initiative as well as making appearances at city council meetings to give public comment in support of cannabis. 

Rather than lose their authority by way of a citizen’s initiative, they reluctantly drafted their own regulations allowing cannabis businesses. The City of San Diego was arguably the most cannabis friendly, but their acceptance of cannabis businesses required tireless activism as well. This is why activism is so important. 

Most city council members and county supervisors, who ultimately decide if cannabis businesses will be allowed or banned, are vehemently prohibitionist. That’s why San Diego NORML works tirelessly with allied activist groups and cannabis friendly politicians to ensure local governments respect their voters and bring cannabis businesses into their jurisdictions.  

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